Track testing for international competition

8 September 2014 UC's 2014 engineering car has begun track testing in preparation for the international university design, build and race car competition in Melbourne. (read article)

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Final Year Projects

Final Year Projects

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Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

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‘At UC, I’ve especially enjoyed engaging with people of like minds...’

Jennifer Dickson Studying towards a PhD in Mechanical Engineering
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Tree-felling robot for steep terrain

Many of New Zealand’s forests are located on steep slopes which requires manual tree felling. The forestry industry has one of the highest fatality rates in New Zealand. Currently there are no solutions for mechanised tree felling on steep slopes. Excavators and level swing machines are limited to a maximum slope of 27⁰. In 2013, SCION and a University of Canterbury developed a manoeuvrable biped tree traversing robot capable of moving from one tree to another. A team of Mechanical Engineering students in 2014 is currently designing, fabricating and testing an attachable cutting head to the existing tree-traversing robot.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate awarded Fulbright Scholarship to study at Columbia University in New York

Mechanical Engineering graduate George Donald will study Plasma Physics at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in New York, after recently receiving a Fulbright Award to support his studies.

Recently elected Fellows of IPENZ for their contribution to the advancement of engineering knowledge and technological education

Professor Milo Kral - recognised for his contributions to failure analysis in the field of metallurgy.
Professor XiaoQi chen - recognised for his contributions within the field of mechatronics.

Prestigious scholarships for our recent graduates

Adam Kuang, Mechanical Engineering 2012, has been awarded a full scholarship from MIT for Nuclear Physics.

Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities)

CONGRATULATIONS to our PhD student, Matt Signal, one of 3 University of Canterbury PhD students who were recipients of Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence (Universities). These awards (8 in total) support research projects that will benefit New Zealand, with an emphasis on projects with a practical application.

UC Mechanical Engineering is #1

University of Canterbury’s Mechanical Engineering Department is ranked New Zealand’s #1 Mechanical Engineering Department in 2012 PBRF rankings. The PBRF (Performance Based Research Fund) evaluated our staff as number one overall in New Zealand’s Mechanical Engineering.

From the Ground Up

On 22 March 2013, Associate Professor Susan Krumdieck presented the results of a project conducted by researchers, scholarship students and volunteer professionals. The mission of the project was to present a development plan for Christchurch that meets the aspirations expressed by its citizens.   The video of the presentation can be viewed here.

UC takes lead in clean energy

What is the largest source by far of affordable, low-carbon energy available for development?  If people think the answer is wind or solar or even hydro, University of Canterbury mechanical engineering professor Susan Krumdieck says they might be surprised.

New Scholarship Available

A scholarship is available for study towards a Master of Engineering (ME) degree at the University of Canterbury. The successful candidate will, for their thesis research project, design a rig to test corrosion and scaling of sample materials. The rig components will be built in our workshops, and by our industrial partners, and the candidate will commission the completed rig and obtain the first set of results. The rig will expose the materials to flows of different liquids at temperatures up to 300oC. Further information.

Final Year Projects

Postgraduate Scholarships

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